The Random Typings of a Trainbasher

Arrr me harties!

Howie Wowie…I’ve been listening online to these Sea Shanties and I must say that they are addictive. I mean, I’ve never really used TikTok, ( I don’t get those new-fangled social media outside Twitter, Facebook and MySpace!) so I don’t understand the platform, so it was a shock to me to find out this trend!

One of the ones that I was listening to was by Nickleback, a sea shanty version of their hit song Rockstar

I mean, we’re only a few weeks into 2021 (it feels like months since 2020 ended) and we’ve already had 2 major memes trending (Even though I don’t understand that Bernie Saunders meme!) and now Sea Shanties…

Bloody hell, I must be turning into an old fart (I’m only 30!!! ) if I don’t know what TikTok is. Fortunately, they posted it on Twitter too!

Anyway, apparently it was the group the UK group The Lottery Winners who initially had the idea of doing the hit Nickleback song “Rockstar” in this style, but when Nickelback heard it they liked it and joined in, adding their own vocals for a remixed supergroup version of the sea shanty-styled early 2000s hit. This has taken it to a whole new level!

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